Eyelashs – facts that should be known. Do eyelash conditioners, like Nanolash, really lengthen and strengthen our eyelashes?

Eyelashes play fairly significant role in human life. For example, they protect eyes from contamination and small insects. What is more, it is true that, women have got more eyelashes than men. Additionally, women’s eyelashes are also longer. What are other characteristics of this type of hair? On the upper eyelid there are 150 up to 250 eyelashes and their length measures from 8 – 12 mm. On the lower eyelid there are from 50 to 150 eyelashes and their length measures from 6 to 8 mm. The lifespan of eyelashes oscillates between 100 and 150 days. The growth period of eyelashes can be divided into three phases. During the first phase, eyelashes grow almost up to 50% of the whole length they will ever do. This phase lasts approximately hundred days.The second phase is the period when the eyelashes stops growing. This phase lasts for two or three weeks. During the last phase, the eyelash is pushed out by the new one, and this phase lasts from two to three months.

What is more, eyelashes play also the decorative function. It is obvious, long and spruce eyelashes attract people. It is also possible to cover eyelashes with a mascara or decorate them to make their charming effect even more intense. To achieve this effect, there are a lot of mascaras on the market, containing glitter or colouful pigments. When it comes to the visage and makeovers, the artistic makeup is extremely popular. It is based on the usage of highly coloured eye shadows, body paints, crystals, sparklers, laces, feathers and other various types decorations. Fairly popular, although expensive and time-consuming, and sometimes even dangerous (can lead to eyes and eyelids irritation) is false eyelashes attachment. In most cases, the false ones are quite similar to the natural eyelashes. Nevertheless, there also false eyelashes that do not resemble the natural ones at all. The reason for that lies in their length, shape, colour and the angle of curving. When it comes to the natural eyelashes, we can curve them with the usage of eyelash curlers, either the traditional or heated ones. They, in turn, can cause breaking of eyelashes, as well as, their weakening, if curved with a wrong angle. What is more, heated eyelash curlers, just like hair straighteners, can cause drying out of eyelashes.

Eyelash conditioners – what are these?

There is the need of taking care of eyelashes, no matter if you use eyelash curlers or just cover your eyelashes with a transparent cosmetic. For taking care of your eyelashes use eyelash conditioners.

Eyelash conditioners are created to lengthen, thicken and volumize our eyelid’s little hair. They also enhance the general condition and structure of eyelashes. Furthermore, they regenerate, moisturize and strengthen lashes as well. Additionally, they comprise of natural ingredients which nourish eyelashes and take care of the eye skin area. The first effects are usually visible after a few weeks of the beauty treatment, and the final results are noticeable after three months.

The best eyelash conditioner is the one which satisfies our expectations. The high quality conditioner cannot make the final effect of the beauty treatment vanish. What is more, it cannot work the other way than described in the leaflet. Moreover, it cannot cause eyelash falling out. The effects of strengthened and lengthened eyelashes should be maintained long after the beauty treatment is fished.

Eyelash conditioners are completely safe cosmetics. How do we know that? Plenty of dermatological and ophthalmological tests, as well as, consumers surveys prove this thesis. The natural composition provides the safety during the eyelash conditioner beautifying treatment. Additionally, the cosmetics include load of vitamins, moisturizing substances and plant extracts which, in a consequence, protect eyes and the skin around them against allergic reactions and irritations. The method of application is also a case in here. In most eyelash conditioners there is an applicator included which is in a form of a little, thin brush. Thanks to the brush, it is much more easier to flawlessly paint a line on the upper and lower eyelid, right on the eyelash line. It is also worth noticing, that to enable the conditioner to get absorbed completely, it is absolutely compulsory to clean and dry eyelids beforehand.

Eyelash conditioners are especially recommended for people who have got short, weak, fair eyelashes, and also for those whose eyelashes are damaged with the false eyelashes extensions, henna or eyelash curlers. Nevertheless, not everyone is destined to use eyelash conditioners. Those restrictions include pregnant and breast-feeding women, the under-aged and people undergone chemotherapy. If the conditioner gets into the eyes, it is advisable to wash eyes with the huge amount of fresh water. Moreover, in the case of irritations occurrence, break the treatment for a few days.

Eyelash conditioners have got quite diversified way of working. They influence follicles to the more efficient work, thanks to which eyelashes get longer and maximize their volume. Moreover, the colour of our little hair’s gets darker. As a consequence, eyelashes become more regenerated, nourished and strengthened.

Nanolash eyelash conditioner

Nanolash is an eyelash conditioner that enhances eyelashes’ condition just after a few weeks since the first application. It provides lengthening, thickening, darkening, as well as, strengthening, nourishing and eyelash regeneration. Natural ingredients protect the eyelid skin, moisturize and prevent against any sort of irritations. The application process of the conditioner is effortless. It is sufficient just to take a brush and paint a thin line on the eyelids, just on the eyelash line. It is compulsory to perform it on the clean and dry skin. Additionally, Nanolash beauty treatment is a better solution than false lashes extension or the usage of eyelash curlers. It has a positive effect on our eyelashes guaranteeing natural effects.


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