Skincare Tips and tricks

What is Body Wrapping?

Body wrapping is one of the treatments that can be easily done at home without the necessity of making an appointment at a beautician’s. How to get ready for the treatment and which cosmetics to use in order to obtain the most beneficial results?

Body wrapping treatment starts with applying a special cream or a body mask on legs and buttocks – sometimes also on belly. After that this body parts have to be wrapped with plastic food foil. In this way, the cosmetic does not dry out as warmth is generated which significantly boosts blood circulation and opens skin pores. Thanks to this, the product gets absorbed faster and deeper. What is more, one session should occupy more or less 45 minutes and be repeated twice a week. Mind you, body wrapping should not be applied by people who suffer from atherosclerosis, are affected by varicose veins, broken capillaries or have heart and circulatory system dysfunctions. Basically, pregnant women are also advised against undergoing body wrapping treatment. Finally, every single session should begin with body scrubbing, massage or brushing.

Body Wrapping – A Few Important Rules

First of all, body should be wrapped starting from the lower parts of the body (thighs), moving upwards (belly). Try to wrap the body not too tightly yet make sure that all the parts are covered well. After that, put on comfortable trousers (for example sweats), cover yourself with a blanket and try not to fall asleep! Devote no more than approximately 20 minutes only when running the first session with body wrapping. Gradually make the successive sessions a little bit longer. In order to see your body skin condition significantly improved, reapply the treatment at least 10 times.

Body Wrapping – Results

Body wrapping treatment is not recommended for women looking for becoming slimmer. This procedure does not produce results in the form of loosing a few additional pounds. Instead, body wrapping tautens, moisturises, smooths and evens skin tone. If you would like to get rid of cellulite, accompany the treatment with body scrub, brushing or massages.

Body Wrapping – Cosmetics

The best cosmetics for body wrapping have warming up features. Obviously, try to answer your skin problems by picking the right care cosmetics. You can buy them in a drugstore while some products may be made at home. Surely, you should make use of a firming body balm, a moisturizing body lotion and a coffee body scrub. How to make one at home? Mix coffee grounds, a spoon of olive, a few drops of essential oils, cinnamon, cardamom which will warm up your body skin and sugar for better dead epidermis cells exfoliation. Keep rubbing your homemade body scrub into your skin for several minutes. At the end, rinse it thoroughly.