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Matte finish all day long.

Do you wonder how to obtain shine-free complexion that stays matte all day? The answer is very simple – Matte Finish Powder from Sensique.

The most prone to shine are two skin types: oily and combination. Oily skin complexion shines all over face. Combination skin does it as well yet only in so-called T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Indeed, these both skin types produce excessive amounts of sebum. In brief, it is a kind of a fatty substance which on the one hand moisturizes and provides protection to skin yet, on the other hand, it makes face skin look unaesthetically. In order to make pretty look of complexion hold longer, it is suggested using products that are designed to absorb excess of sebum produced by face skin.

One of such cosmetics is Matte Finish Powder from Sensique. The product is easy available in most drugstores. The greatest advantage of the powder is its low price accompanied with maximum efficiency. Matte Finish Powder is perfect at camouflaging and evening skin tone. It provides natural look without creating the mask-like effect. What is more, the pressed powder mattes and smells pleasantly. It does not clog skin pores, due to which, skin stays fresh – it can simply breathe freely.

Yet another plus of the product is its composition. When it comes to people who have oily or combination skin, it is crucial to use care products that are made from natural ingredients only. And this is how Matte Finish Powder from Sensique has been composed. It includes four ingredients that derive from natural environment. These are talc, mica, jojoba oil and aloe. Talc, known mainly because of baby powders, is responsible for both making skin dry and counteracting excessive perspiration. Mica, in turn, has its application in mineral cosmetics production. It is resistant to high temperatures and chemical factors. Counterbalance to these two minerals are moisturizing and healing ingredients. Jojoba oil and aloe strengthen skin, relieve irritations, works anti-bacterial and accelerate skin renewal processes. What is more, aloe is used for acne treatments as well.

Matte Finish Powder from Sensique is available in four colour schemes. It is advised to apply it using a big, round and soft make-up brush to enjoy beautifully mattified face skin all day long.