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Active Light Skin Foundation by Pupa

How difficult it is for us women to do without makeup? It would be great if the makeup we wear looked both natural and pretty on our face. And it would be even greater if the application was fast. If you are counting on natural effect and simplicity of putting-on, then give a try to Active Light by Pupa.

Pupa, Active Light Skin Foundation contains pigments providing natural and healthy look of skin as well as powder particles which are responsible for reflecting light. The product is good at camouflaging skin imperfections, evening skin tone as it is easy to distribute all over the face. Pupa Active Light Skin Foundation includes sun protection filter – SPF 6. Owning to blue lotus and mallow extract, skin looks young, is nourished and moisturised.

Actually, Active Light Skin Foundation is available in twelve shades. You can choose among browns, beiges and nudes. Surely, you will find a shade matching your skin tone, especially, after being ensured by the producer that each and every women, regardless their backgrounds, will be successful at finding the ideal version of the foundation. What is more, the product is a totally oil-free. What does it mean? To clarify, oil-free foundations are recommended for people who have combination or oily skin, the one prone to acne. Furthermore, they neither produce shine of face nor clog skin pores. Instead, they make the complexion matte for long.

Once again, oil-free foundations are the great relief for oily and combination skin. Unfortunately, such skin types have the tendency to get greasy too easily. And even the best foundation available on the market will do nothing about it. Therefore, when you notice that your skin shines uncontrollably again, remove the excess of sebum delicately using a paper towel, a tissue or a blotting paper. After that, touch up makeup by applying a powder.

The great asset of the product is its package. A pump facilitates the distribution of the cosmetic fairly considerably. Yet, it is not all about the practicalness. The product is closed in a nice-looking, glass bottle. The bottle, in turn, is placed into a red cardboard box. The glass container stores 30 ml of the foundation. When it comes to the application, Active Light Skin Foundation by Pupa has to be put on using either a brush or the fingertips. Fix the foundation’s layer using a transparent powder. Furthermore, Pupa’s product was tested dermatologically. Last but not least, Active Light Skin Foundation does not cause allergic reactions.