Argan Oil Illuminating Energizing Day Cream 30+ by Eveline Cosmetics

When the summer is over, our skin looses its pretty look and natural shine. Instead of being sun-kissed, our face becomes covered with discolourations, dark circles around eyes as skin turns into being dull. What should be done in order to keep at least a few more sun rays on our face? The best way seems to be application of Argan Oil Illuminating Energizing Day Cream 30+.

Eveline Cosmetics launched a new collection of products designed for fighting against wrinkles, skin fatigue, dullness and nourishment. The special ingredient that restores youthful look is argan oil. Cosmetic argan oil has fair shade. What is more, it contains plenty of properties that positively influence condition of our skin. Primary, this natural substance reduces wrinkles, smooths skin, moisturises and prevents discolourations. Furthermore, it shields skin against both low and high temperatures, regenerates and accelerates skin renewal processes. Yet, this is not all. Argan oil is responsible for strengthening condition of hair and fingernails, heals acne symptoms and skin allergies. Actually, argan oil is recommended for all skin types as it can be used for makeup removal and newborns skin care.

Eveline Cosmetics Argan Oil collection contains the above-mentioned Illuminating Energizing Day Cream designed for women over 30. The cream nourishes deep layers of skin, evens skin tone, highlights and makes skin firm again. It is also worth mentioning that this Eveline product is good at smoothing mimic wrinkles.

The remaining ingredients of Illuminating Energizing Day Cream help with improving skin condition. Hyaluronic acid moisturises and is used for filling in the wrinkles. Royal jelly removes fatigue from face, reduces wrinkles and discolourations. What is more, it accelerates healing processes of wounds and scars. The product contains also B, C, D and E vitamins. Yet another component is natural betaine which is responsible for moisturization and improvement of skin condition. A vitamin has rejuvenating properties and is responsible for maintaining good condition of skin cells. Furthermore, it counteracts scars, discolourations and wrinkles. E vitamin delays skin-ageing as it facilitates skin cells self-renewal process.

Argan Oil Illuminating Energizing Day Cream 30+ is closed in a nice-looking jar. Certainly, gold colour catches attention. And it is no wonder why the product has the very colour since argan oil is also known as Liquid Gold of Morocco. The little jar contains 50 ml of the cream. When it comes to the application, it is considered as being completely trouble-free. Suffice to pat the product into skin using the fingertips. At the same time, you will give your skin a massage that will improve elasticity and shape of your face as it enables the product to get absorbed deeper.