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InCell – a new series of anti-wrinkle cosmetics by Dr Irena Eris.

Each of us would like to have flawless, smooth face skin and preserve youthful look for as long as it is possible. And this is the very reason why Dr Irena Eris decided to create rejuvenating InCell cosmetic series. The products are divided into four ‘levels’ that correspond with age and skin needs. Learn, what are the cosmetics of InCell series and which one of them may meet your expectations.

InCell series by Dr Irena Eris comprises of the following products: an under eye cream, a day cream, and a day cream. These products are recommended for people over 35 up to 65 and above. In order to make it easier for the consumers to choose the most appropriate cosmetic, the products are divided into the above-mentioned ‘levels’. And, for women having 35 years of age and above, the most suitable cosmetics will be the ones marked with 2?, women having 45 years of age and above should buy the products marked 3?, cosmetics labeled 4? are appropriate for women being 55 and above, whereas 5? creams are perfect for women being 65 and over.

All the cosmetics from InCell series by Dr Irena Eris have anti-ageing features. What does that mean? Firstly, the products moisturize skin face, which has its result in further improved skin regeneration process. Secondly, the products smooth wrinkles, highlight discolourations and eliminate dark circles under eyes. Thirdly, they facilitate collagen production, deactivate free-radicals, and regenerate damaged epidermis.

InCell cosmetics by Dr Irena Eris contain ingredients necessary for making face skin smooth again. These substances are namely, E vitamin, sun protection filters, peptides, and black currant oil. All the elements work as allies and help with rebuilding damaging cell bindings of epidermis as well as with firming face skin. E vitamin is characterized by rejuvenating features, it can even skin tone and reduce fine lines. Hyaluronic acid, in turn, is able to moisturize and the sun protection filters counteract development of discolourations and wrinkles.

Products from InCell series by Dr Irena Eris are closed in a grey jars. Capacities of day and night creams equal 50 ml, whereas the under eye cream contain 15 ml of the product. All the cosmetics should be applied on cleansed and toweled face skin. What is the manner of application? It is advised to apply just small amount of the cosmetic on face or around eye area. Next, with the use of fingertips the cream has to be pat into the skin. It is suggested giving a gentle massage to skin as well.