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Greasy, flat and dry hair – How to treat it?

Dry Hair.

Hair looses its natural level of moisturization due to long or frequent exposition to low temperatures. Similar destructive influence on hair have high temperature, solar radiation and air pollution. Strands become dehydrated, brittle and hard to manage. They turn into being thin and significantly weakened. The less water in scalp and hair, the faster disappears keratin. What is more, hair cuticles become open once the right level of hydration is not maintained. The only life savers for this kind of hair are moisturizing cosmetics and hair oils. Wash your scalp with a special shampoo that answers your hair needs. Enhance its working thanks to various regenerating hair masks. How to use hair masks? Warm up the cosmetic on palms of the hands and rub it into the strands. Next, wrap the hair with a towel. The warmth generated under the towel facilitates better absorption of the hair mask which greatly improves its action. Furthermore, coat your hair with either argan or almond oil after every single washing. Avoid using hairspray and hair mousses that contain alcohol. If it is only possible, try not to use a flat iron, a curling iron nor a blow-dryer.

Flat Hair.

In most cases dry or greasy hair lacks of volume. Specialistic hair care is a must! Pick the cosmetics that contain scarce amounts of colourants and preservatives. In general, shampoos of hair volume boosting properties are composed of softening ingredients which facilitate setting hairdo.

Greasy Hair.

Usually hair gets greasy just at their roots, right near scalp. If your strands are greasy too frequently, try to introduce a few changes into your washing routine. For example, start treating the strands with lukewarm water and do not overuse highly cleansing shampoos. What is more, make use of herbal hair washes or cosmetics containing plant extracts, for example, nettle, horsetail or turnip extracts. If you would like to prolong freshness of your hairdo, give a go to a dry shampoo. Spray your hair (just at its roots), rub with a dry towel and comb.