Make up Tips and tricks

How to apply rejuvenating makeup?

Time flies… Is your face getting more and more wrinkled and you have no idea how to change this? Apply rejuvenating makeup and become young and beautiful again!

Foundation. Many women remain firmly convinced that the deeper wrinkles they have, the greater amount of foundation they have to apply (to camouflage this skin imperfections). In fact, it does not work that way. To excessive amount of foundation might make all the fine lines even more visible. Certainly, there are some cosmetics that reduce visibility of wrinkles yet they have to be used wisely. With this in mind, pick camouflaging foundations of light consistency, with smoothing and highlighting features. A decent foundation is also expected to mattify your complexion and cover all skin discolourations.

Naturalness. Natural look is the core of perfect makeup. However, it does not mean that you can resign from applying any colour cosmetics completely. Instead, pick the products that match well with your complexion. Make-up no make-up style is always highly ranked.

Blusher. Too much of a blusher applied on cheeks might make you look like a doll. Remember, do not put a blusher below cheek bones because this might make them seem? flabby and floppy. In general, a blusher is supposed to imitate natural blush. For that reason, pick the right colour and apply it to cheekbones moving a brush toward ears and temples.

Lip-liner. Indeed, dark colours around lips dates. Fine lines around lips might become more visible if a lip-liner is applied badly. When it comes to the shade of the cosmetic, it can be similar to either a lipstick you are going to use or to your natural colour of lips. Never use the same lip-liner for outlining and filling in the lips. It would be better when you blend it with a lipstick, instead.

Concealer. It is true that this cosmetic can work miracles – hide all marks and acne. Mind you, if the shade of a concealer is either too light or too dark, then your wrinkles will be more visible as you might look way older than you really are. Try to use as little of the cosmetic as possible. In order to obtain the best results, apply the concealer that is one tone brighter than both your complexion and foundation. If you put the product on the right spots on face (for example bridge of nose), you will highlight your skin. If applied properly, concealer will make you look younger – and this is the effect you look for.

Eye Pencil. First of all, due to applying an eye pencil along lower eyelid, your eyes may look as if they were smaller. What is more eyelids look flabby. If you really feel that you have to use an eye pencil, do it the following way: try to outline upper and lower eyelid with a soft eye pencil and smudge it afterwards or apply eye shadows of nude colours.

Extravagant colours. The truth is, bright or so-called fluo colours suit only young girls. A little bit elder women look better if wore toned and natural shades. If you really want to, you can use a vivid colour yet in scarce amounts, like for example, for applying a thin line on upper eyelids.

Mascara. This cosmetic is perfect for defining eyes. However, do not coat your eyelashes with too thick layers of this black product. Furthermore, try to avoid mascaras that clump eyelashes together. Instead, pick the ones which are good at separating and extending this little hair of your eyelids.

Eyebrows. Always remember to make your eyebrows perfectly set. Tangled eyebrows do not only date you but also make you look a little bit silly. If your eyebrows are thin, try to bring them out due to an eye shadow or an eyebrow pencil of similar colour as your eyebrows.