Shattered glass manicure – the newest trend in nail adornment

We had ombre nails, bubble nails or mermaid effect nails. Now, we have another trend that is completely different, marvellous and beautiful. What are we talking about? Nowadays, women are captivated by the new technique of manicure that is called shattered glass nails. Do you know how to do it and what are the origins of this nail decorating style?

Shattered glass, also known as glass nails, comes from South Korea. Its inventor is Eunkyung Park, an owner of a beauty parlour located in Seoul. As it turns out, the inspiration for this kind of manicure was a small marine creature, a certain kind of a snail the shell of which is covered with fairly characteristic glossy layer. How did Eunkyung Park manage to obtain similar effect on nails? This Asian beautician took cellophane foil and stuck its pieces to nail plate that had been already covered with a nail varnish. The final effect was just stunning! The nails were sparkling as if these had been decorated with small diamonds or as if these had been covered with some kind of a glitter nail varnish.

How does shattered glass manicure look like? Great news, you do not have to visit a beautician in order to have the latest decorations on your fingernails. Fortunately, shattered glass manicure can be done at home. You will only need a few things. Prepare cellophane foil of your favourite colour, a primer, a nail varnish that has similar shade to the cellophane foil and a top coat. In fact, you can replace the cellophane foil with nail stickers that should be available in most cosmetic shops. Obviously, before you start doing shattered glass manicure, make your finger nails ready for it. Push back all the cuticles, file the nails and degrease nail plate surface. Next, cut the cellophane foil by adjusting the pieces accordingly to the size of your nail plates. Then, cover your nails with the nail primer and when it dries out apply the nail varnish of the colour that matches the foil. Now, stick the cellophane and when the nail varnish dries out proceed with finishing the manicure. Apply a layer of the top coat, best if it is transparent. Your own shattered glass manicure is now ready.