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Pan Stick Rich Creamy Foundation by Max Factor

Decent quality and ease of use – these are two basic features that every ideal cosmetic should be characterized with. Try out Pan Stick Rich Creamy Foundation by Max Factor and see for yourself whether this product is designed especially for you.

What makes you buy a particular foundation? Your best friend’s opinions about the product, price, package or maybe its availability? The main reason is probably the final effect provided by the product. You care for natural look and healthy skin. And it is even better when you achieve such an appearance by putting as little effort as possible into the makeup applying procedure.

Pan Stick Rich Creamy Foundation is good at camouflaging skin imperfections. Just small amount of the cosmetic is enough to cover discolourations and acne marks. It melts into skin and does not create mask-like effect. The insensitivity of camouflage can be graded at will. And consequently, greater quantity applied guarantees better skin imperfections coverage whereas small amount hides minor discolourations. What is more, the foundation holds long on face, neither runs down the face nor cumulates in furrows. In fact, it works the other way round. The cosmetic helps with smoothing and shallowing various types of fine lines that happen to appear in our face with age.

Pan Stick Rich Creamy Foundation is available in six shades. You can find fair beiges, soft bronzes and really dark browns. The cosmetic has rather dense and oily consistency. For that reason, it is not recommended for people who have got oily combination. Application of the product may contribute to face shine effect. On the other hand, the foundation by Max Factor is expected to work with dry and normal skin types.

Application of the foundation is easy. As name speaks for itself, Pan Stick has a form a stick. Thanks to this, the cosmetic can be promptly and evenly distributed all over the face. Basically, it can be also applied using either fingertips or a sponge. If the consistency is too dense for you, simply mix the cosmetic with a moisturizing cream. Remember to pick the right shade that matches your skin tone. Check the cosmetic on jawbone. Apply either on entire face or sparingly, always at daylight.

A single package contains 9 grams of the product. It seems that the package is small. As it turns out, the cosmetic is really efficient and the small size enables you to carry
Pan Stick Rich Creamy Foundation always with you and touch up makeup everywhere. There is yet another worth-mentioning advantage of the product, the foundation has very pleasant smell.