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Nanoil hair oil has many names. Check how it works

Have you ever wondered about your hair porosity? If not, it is high time to precisely identify it. Being aware of the appearance and condition of your hair will help you choose suitable products. Nanoil is the best as it matches all hair types. Check how the cosmetic works and what effects to expect.

Hair porosity and Nanoil

You probably agree that a product must be suitable for hair type in order to work. That is why, it is so important to define the needs of your hair and scalp. Identifying hair porosity plays a key role in hair care. Every hair maniac knows this term very well. Porosity defines the gaps in the cuticle layer and reflects the condition of hair and scalp. There is low, medium and high porosity; each type requires different care. Three versions of Nanoil hair oil were created to serve this purpose. Each of the oils contains different ingredients ? carefully selected for low, medium and high porosity hair. Which one will you choose?

Nanoil for low porosity hair

How do you know your hair is low porosity? On the one hand, it is beautiful, shiny, smooth and soft. On the other hand, it repels moisture and you must wait a few hours until it dries off. To make things worse, you can easily weigh it down with unsuitable products. What is more, low porosity hair quickly loses its volume whereas styling takes a lot of time. Nanoil will make styling such a hairdo easier.

Nanoil for low porosity hair conditions the hair. It consists of oils made of very small particles ? they easily penetrate bound cuticle scales. As a result, your hair is healthy and deeply nourished. Combing and styling is much easier and nicer whereas all unruly strands are tamed and ideally styled. Nanoil increases hair volume and doubles its density. The oil protects your hair from harmful factors, and mechanical and chemical damage. It will also make your strands shinier and smoother. It owes it to the unusual ingredients that fulfil the needs of low porosity hair.

Nanoil contains as many as seven oils, two butters, vitamins and other substances that improve the condition of low porosity hair. Cedar oil inhibits hair loss, coconut oil protects hair structure, argan oil gives heat protection, castor oil activates hair growth, maracuja oil prevents premature ageing, babassu oil facilitates styling, monoi oil shields from harmful factors. Shea butter and cupuacu butter moisturise and bring elasticity.

There are some extra components included in Nanoil hair oil. Vitamins A and E fight free radicals and support division of cells. Kerastim and baicapil prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. UV filter prevents dehydration of the scalp and keep hair colour from fading. Panthenol (or pro-vitamin B5) moisturises, adds shine, smooths, facilitates combing and boosts volume.


Nanoil for medium porosity hair

Medium porosity hair combines the features of low and high porosity hair. How to recognize it? It?s easy! Dry and falling out strands, split hair ends. Hair loses shine and elasticity; it is greasy at the roots. It gets frizzy and static in contact with dampness. If this is your hair type, Nanoil will help.

Nanoil for medium porosity hair works both inside and outside. It makes hair moisturised, bouncy and elastic. Moreover, it adds healthy shine, softness and vivid colour. Nanoil hair oil repairs hair, tames unruly strands and reinforces hair follicles, prevents mechanical and chemical damage as well as smooths slightly raised scales. Such a complex care would be impossible without the ingredients of Nanoil.

Nanoil contains six vegetable oils, vitamins, beautifying substances and special ingredients created for long and strong hair. Macadamia oil controls the work of sebaceous glands, moisturises and nourishes. Argan oil protects from high temperature, prevents dehydration and deeply repairs distressed strands. Marula oil shields from damaging agents. Jojoba oil is responsible for eliminating dandruff and restoring proper pH. Maracuja oil defrizzes, prevents static whereas coconut oil takes care of hair ends.

Action of Nanoil is enhanced by other components: vitamins A and E condition scalp and hair, reinforce and keep them healthy. Silk smooths hair, provides elasticity and amazing shine. Kerastim and baicapil inhibit hair loss and improve the work of bulbs and follicles.

Nanoil for high porosity hair

High porosity hair is distressed and dehydrated. Excessive hair loss, brittleness, split hair ends ? even trimming won?t help. Besides, it is dull and lost its natural colour. There is no natural protective water-lipid barrier. Nanoil for high porosity hair prevents further damage.

The oil will condition and intensively nourish your hair. It will make strands stronger, thicker and regenerated. Nanoil will rebuild split hair tips, provide bulbs with lots of active ingredients, and fill in gaps in hair structure. Thanks to Nanoil hair oil, your strands will be shiny, soft to the touch and silky smooth again. Combing will be pleasurable whereas heat styling ? safe. The oil protects from UV radiation, high temperature, harmful external factors and numerous substances that can worsen hair condition. This is how Nanoil?s ingredients take care of your hairdo.

The product includes six oils that satisfy the needs of high porosity hair. Moisturising almond oil, repairing argan oil, evening primrose oil for scalp care, shine-boosting avocado oil, antioxidant maracuja oil, protective cottonseed oil.

Nanoil hair oil also offers some other substances that are beneficial for hair and scalp. Vitamin E fights free radicals and prevents premature ageing. UV filter protects strands from harmful sunlight. Baicapil and kerastim enhance hair growth, work of hair follicles and appearance of baby hair. Panthenol, keratin, lanoline and silk play a significant role in Nanoil. The first one repairs, smooths and increases shine. Keratin reconstructs hair structure, making hair smooth and soft to the touch. Lanoline moisturises, enhances natural hair colour and boosts shine. Last but not least ? silk ? facilitates styling and combing.


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