Draining anti-cellulite body scrub, Body Art by Dr Irena Eris

As the name of the cosmetic speaks for itself, draining anti-cellulite body scrub is destined to come in useful for people struggling with cellulite. Is this cosmetic powerful enough to help with removing, so-called, the orange peel syndrome? To start with, pregnant women as well as those who are overweight are most prone to develop cellulite. Unfortunately, those who suffers from severe diseases, like for example diabetes, are also more likely to have their skin covered with the orange peel. In short, body fat is cumulated underneath the skin, and it is hard to remove even when using skin exfoliating cosmetics. Under such circumstances, Body Art will not eliminate cellulite. So how does the body scrub from Dr Irena Eris really work? Surely, this product exfoliates epidermis, smooths skin, moisturises, boosts blood circulation and highlights skin slightly.

The formula of Body Art, draining anti-cellulite body scrub is fairly liquid. The cosmetic is rich in exfoliating particles and is of pink colour. What is more, the product is closed in a white-and-pink tube ended with wide mouth. Worth mentioning, while applying the cosmetic, you have to be careful enough not to spill the body scrub (the wide mouth of the tube and liquid consistency facilitates discharging of the product). A single package contains 200 ml of the cosmetic. How to use draining anti-cellulite body scrub, Body Art from Dr Irena Eris? In general, the product has to be rubbed into skin parts affected by cellulite. It is suggested to distribute small amount of the cosmetic on dump skin, massage it into precisely and then rinse. When the shower is over, it is advised to apply a moisturising body balm.

Great advantage of draining anti-cellulite body scrub is that it contains plenty of nourishing substances. One of these is cherry from Barbados. What are the properties held by this fruit? In general, cherry is a source of anti-oxidants, mineral substances and vitamins. This small, red fruit is composed also of C, K, B1 and B2 vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and fiber. Additionally, cherry gifts draining anti-cellulite body scrub from Dr Irena Eris with pleasant scent.

The product is one component of complete Body Art collection. The other cosmetics include: Firming & Smoothing Body Cream, Pro-nourishing body balm day care, Pro-firming body serum night care, Intensely firming balm for bust care C+ and Sugar-crystal exfoliating scrub.