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La Roche – Posay, Iso – Urea Soothing Moisturising Body Milk.

It is obvious that our skin requires special care in the winter. How to shield our skin against irritations and dehydration that is typical to develop during this cool days? La Roche – Posay offers Iso-Urea Soothing Moisturising Body Milk.

Urea – A Secret Ingredient of Cosmetics.

Urea is a natural substance of hydrating action that locks moisture in all skin layers. It has a form of white or transparent crystals that do not carry any scent. Urea is used in creams, ointments, masks, balms and scrubs that counteract skin dehydration and cornification of epidermis. How do cosmetics including urea work? Simply, the very substance dissolves the rough epidermis. Thanks to that, water can penetrate deep into all skin layers. Additionally, urea boosts moisturization, regenerates, smooths, tautens and exfoliates dead epidermis cells as well as works anti-bacterial.

Cosmetics including urea are recommended not only for dry or super dry skin owners. Allergic sufferers and sensitive skin owners will also benefit from such a treatment – urea does not cause any allergic reactions. This substance is widely used for counteracting acne, stretch marks and dandruff. Depending on various skin problems, cosmetics contain various concentrations of urea (in most cases the concentration equals either 30% or 50%). Products containing 30% of the urea are used mainly for callous skin treatment and for follicular keratosis. Cosmetics containing 50% concentrated urea do not have moisturizing features yet exfoliating instead.

La Roche – Posay, Iso-Urea Soothing Moisturising Body Milk.

La Roche – Posay decided to take advantage of the moisturizing features of urea and came up with a body milk Iso-Urea which smooths and counteracts roughness of skin. The product is recommended for adults having super dry skin that tend to exfoliate too excessively. Furthermore, Iso-Urea eliminates the sensation of itchiness and restores the protective barrier of skin without leaving any oily or sticky layer on. The cosmetic has to be applied once or twice a day. It has to be massaged into cleansed and towelled skin. A tube contains 200 ml of the product.