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Color Sensational Lipcolor by Maybelline New York.

Alluring and seductive – which one of you would not like to have lips described by these adjectives? If you do not have idea how to obtain such an effect, invest in Color Sensational Lipcolor by Maybelline. This product launched by American cosmetic brand has plenty of assets. One of them is the texture. Certainly, most lipcolors have rather gooey and dense consistency. Hair tends to get gummed up to lips with every wind blow. This makes us feel uncomfortable as lips look simply unaesthetic. As mentioned before, Color Sensational Lipcolors are light-textured. This facilitates applying even layer of the colour cosmetics on lips, gifting them with alluring look. What is more, Maybelline products are good at highlighting lips by making them optically bigger and fuller. Furthermore, owning to tiny, shining particles that enrich the lipcolours’ shades, the products provide intensive and vivid colours. Color Sensational are available in ten shades – pinks, beiges, oranges and dark reds. Additionally, all the lipcolours have delicate, fruity flavour.

Another advantage of the products, they are not only able to gift lips with beautiful shine but also protect, moisturize and nourish them. Actually, the lipcolours contain E vitamin that eliminates harmful aggressors deriving from the external environment. What is more, the same vitamin is responsible for slowing down skin cell ageing processes as it has rejuvenating properties.

Color Sensational Lipcolor by Maybelline New York has elegant package. The glass phial is closed with a silver cap. The applicator is very comfortable to use and fits into any hand just perfectly. In short, the product has to be applied due to small, soft sponge. To sum up, the final effect produced by Color Sensational Lipcolor by Maybelline is stunning. Lips shine marvelously, are nourished and well taken care of.