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Face oils by L’Oréal Paris. Nutri-Gold collection

We own our skin moisturization, especially during harsh weather condition, which are typical for winter. We should take care of our dermis in order to do both: supply skin with hydrating and nourishing substances and preserve its natural pH level. All at the same time.

Dehydration of skin – common reasons

There are a lot of reasons why skin becomes dry. Some of them are obvious, while the influence of other remain ignored by most people. Severe weather conditions (low temperatures, freezing wind), exposing skin to conditioned air, cigarette fumes and alcohol, skin disorders (Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis) and genetic predisposition – disregard of the factors bring out negative consequences in dehydrated face skin.

In general, dry epidermis equals sensitive, reddened skin with visible broke capillaries. Moreover, dry skin tends to exfoliate too excessively which has its consequences in itching and singing sensation. It feels as if skin was contracted. It is certain that this kind of skin requires taking proper care. In this case, you can reach for delicate face scrubs, oily creams or other cosmetics the composition of which is enriched with oils. This kind of products are created by L’Oréal Paris.

Nutri-Gold collection, Oily Ritual

The collection of L’Oréal Paris is comprised of two items: a face oil and a nourishing cream with oils. Both products provide deep moisturization and highlighting of skin. Owning to Nutri – Gold cosmetics, skin restores is smoothness and elasticity again. The face oil contains the following oils: rose, orange, lavender, cranesbill, jasmine, marjoram, rosemary, passion fruit and jojoba oil. The cream in turn includes: lavender, rosemary, argan and white jasmine oils. All the ingredients of Nutri – Gold cosmetics have similar properties and comparable manners of working. They work anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and toning. They fight acne and slow down skin ageing processes. Both the face oil and the cream are absorbed promptly and do not leave any sticky nor oily layer on skin surface. If you are affected by Atopic dermatitis or when you suffer from other skin ailments, you should consult a dermatologist before treating your skin with Nutri – Gold collection, Oily Ritual by L’Oréal Paris.