Ombre on hair and fingernails.

Ombre style has become very popular recently. This kind of colouring technique is present on almost everything that can be only coloured. To demonstrate, hair, fingernails as well as clothes are affected by this trend. If you do not know yet how to gradient the colours, read a few tips.

Hair ombre.

Ombre on hairOmbre is a technique that depends on lighting up hair. To be more precise, it depends on highlighting only ends of hair. The general assumption is that the hair has to look like it was naturally brightened up due to the sun. While doing ombre, remember that the most natural-looking are the delicate and subtle transitions between colours.

How to do ombre on hair? First of all, choose a decent hairdresser which will provide you professional service of the highest quality. Have the hair cut in such a way to define straight lines and sharp fringe. Then get back home and start applying ombre on the hair. Comb the strands and divide them into two equal parts (make a use the parting). Coat approximately 2 inches of the hair ends with the lightener. Run the fingers through the strands in order to distribute the preparation evenly on all the hair ends. Wrap them with aluminium foil. After appropriately 15 minutes, apply the lightener a little bit higher. Obviously, you have to be precise enough not to leave any gap between the lower layer of the lightener (wrapped with the foil) and the one you are going to apply next. Again, wrap the new layer with aluminium foil. After 25 minutes (15 minutes of lighting up the hair ends and 10 minutes of lighting up the second part), remove the foil, rinse the lightener and apply a conditioner for dyed hair.

Fingernail ombre.

Ombre fingernailsAs mentioned before, ombre style is not only dedicated to hair. This kind of effect can be applied on fingernails as well. Prepare the following items: a nail polish (the same colour yet of various shades), makeup sponges (the ones for putting on a foundation), a bowl with water, a transparent nail polish, a sheet of paper, a nail polish remover and a wooden cuticle pusher.

Put the sponge into the bowl with water and squeeze out the excess of water. Start applying the nail polishes on the sponge. Draw lines trying to create the ombre-like gradient. Press the sponge against the sheet of paper first. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can press the sponge onto you fingernails. Do it rather firmly. Now, use the nail polish remover and the cuticle pusher to get rid of the nail polishes that stained skin around fingernails. When the ombre gets air-dried, apply the last layer of a transparent nail polish or a top coat.