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How to pixelate your hair?

All hair-freaks have just gone crazy about this new hairstyle. Pixelated Hair (#xpresionpixel) is the latest trend in hair colouring. This new kind of look brings back all the memories from time when Windows 95 was the most popular operating system and when Mario was the game played by almost everybody. In fact, nowadays pixels play even a main role in Hollywood movie. Obviously, colourful squares applied on the hair are much friendlier than the blood-thirsty monsters from ‘Pixels’.

This most recent hair colouring trend was invented in a Spanish hair salon. When it comes to the dyes, these can be chosen at your will, however, the most popular are red, yellow, green, blue and orange pixels. Mind you, there is a condition that has to be fulfilled in order to enjoy having flawless squares on the hair. Simply, the hair has to be straight. We will not obtain the desired outcome on curly or even slightly wavy hair. Naturally, curls can be always straightened, but then we have to take care of our hair.

What is the manner of applying pixels on hair? First of all, you have to set your workplace. You will need a brush, foil, a felt-tip pen and obviously a hair dye. Squares have to be drawn on the foil. The pattern drawn will work as a kind of a stencil for the pixels. After that, you have to separate thin streaks of hair (these have to be thin enough to see the stencil through them), put the foil under them and pin it with hairpins. Mind you, the foil cannot move because it will ruin the final effect. Next, start putting on the dye, trying not to go beyond the area marked with the felt-tip pencil. As mentioned above, this streak has to be secured with the foil. After that, the next streak of hair can be separated and covered with the dye alike.

Now, your stencil are all the already applied squares. However, the only thing that changes is the manner of the hair dye application. In fact, it all depends on the effect we want to obtain. In other words, the hair dye has to be applied a little bit higher, lower or aside in regard to the stencil. You have to remember though that the width and length of the squares have to remain exactly the same. At the end, wash your hair with a shampoo and apply a conditioner.