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Hollywood hairdo thanks to Wellaflex.

Beautiful and shiny hair is dream of many women. Many women also think that only the best hair stylists are able to set the perfect hairdo. But they cannot be more wrong. There are easier methods to make oneself look like a Hollywood star. All you need is Wellaflex Shiny Hold mousse for ultra strong hold.

Too frequent use of a blow dryer or a flat iron damages and dehydrates hair. The most optimal temperature which we treat our hair with should not exceed 60?C. Higher temperatures lead to water evaporation – one of the natural component of hair. This damage has its consequence in keratin loss. To make matters worse, hair becomes deprived of gloss, turns into being fragile and breakable. In extreme cases, this may cause even more serious problems such as hair loss.

Improper scalp care can also have negative influence over hair. Mismatching shampoos, conditioners, creams and masks deteriorate hair’s condition fairly significantly. Furthermore, some ingredients may irritate scalp, damage hair roots which certainly leads to hair weakening. Additionally, hairdresser’s treatments may also affect strands in a negative way. Such procedures include, among others, perm and dyeing. This kind of procedures make hair dehydrated as well as deprive strands from volume and gloss.

Do you wonder whether is it worth resigning from using all hair styling devices which have been helping you with taming unruly hair? The truth is, you do not have to do it. Wellaflex experts designed a cosmetic facilitating hot hair styling that protects strands from temperatures reaching up to 170?C. It does not clump hair together, neither makes it flat nor leaves any stains on strands. At the same time, the mousse lets the hairstyle hold up to 24 hours.

The secret of such a great performance of Wellaflex mousse lies in the polymer-based compounds. These tiny molecules are resistant to heat produced by flat irons, blow dryers and other hair styling devices. The ingredients shield hair structure against high temperatures and facilitate hair setting. The truth is, polymer-based compounds have two tasks to accomplish. Firstly, they create a kind of protective layer around hair and secondly, enable nourishing substances to penetrate hair shafts.

It is suggested shaking vigorously the bottle before use. There is no need in applying huge amounts of the Wellaflex mousse. Just small amount is enough to set and fix a hairdo. The product has to be distributed on hair due to palms of the hands and combed afterwards. Next, hair has to be blow-dried and straightened if necessary. We do not have to worry any longer that high temperature destroys our hair.