Tips and tricks

Hair Lamination Treatment D.I.Y.

Dry, damaged and dull hair requires smoothing and moisturization. Give a go to hair lamination treatment and enjoy your new perfect hairstyle.

Obviously, at the beginning, you have to prepare the mixture which will help your hair to gain gleam and due to which strands will become way healthier. Collect: gelatin, a hair conditioner (with oils in composition) or oil (which is used for oil hair treatment), a bowl with warm water, plastic food foil and a towel.

How to laminate hair?

Dissolve gelatin in warm water (three spoons), mix thoroughly and wait until the mixture cools down. Wash hair and drain the excess of water with a towel. Now, when the gelatin is cool, add a spoon of either an oil or a conditioner. Distribute the mixture evenly on the length of hair. However, be careful enough not to put the oil on scalp since it might unnecessarily make head skin greasy and cause problems while hair washing. Wrap hair firstly with foil and then with a towel. Leave it on for approximately 45 minutes. After that rinse your hair precisely.

Hair Lamination Treatment – Rules and Outcomes.

Hair lamination treatment should not be performed every time when shampooing. It is suggested applying the procedure every third of fourth hair washing. Use moisturizing and nourishing hair masks and conditioners between hair lamination sessions. When it comes to the outcomes, they are noticeable right after the treatment is over. Hair becomes soft, smoothed and glossy. What is more, strands neither tangle nor are frizzy.

Hair Lamination Treatment at a Hairdresser’s.

Hair lamination treatment is considered as professional hair treatment. In brief, strands are coated with a special cosmetic, the aim of which, is to shield hair against moisture working as well as against mechanical and physical damages. Cuticles of hair become closed again and split ends turn into being regenerated. The great news is that hair lamination treatment is suitable for long, curly, straight and short hair.