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How to apply an eyeliner?

Eye-lines are always in fashion. Sometimes they are thick, well-defined or long. Regardless of their form, if applied perfectly, they make your eyes look alluring. In a case you lack of the skill of drawing ideal eye-lines, then keep reading the article. You are going to find a few useful tricks that help you apply the eye-lines you want to wear.

Indeed, ideal eye-lines are just the necessary complement of every makeup. They bring out eyes as well as emphasize applied eyeshadows and mascaraed eyelashes. In some cases, the eye-lines can replace the entire makeup. We do not have to do smoky eye when we manage to draw splendid eye-lines on our eyelids. What is more, this makeup element helps to gift eyes with the right shape, especially when one has droopy eyelids. And how to apply the ideal eye-lines? And which cosmetics and accessories to use in order to accomplish this seemingly difficult task?

A little bit of theory.

Before you start applying eye-lines, you have to pick the right eyeliner first. And there is plenty to choose from. For example, an eyeliner in a form of a pencil has soft consistency and is easy to distribute. What is more, when it happens that the eye-line is far from being the one you would like to wear than you can just smudge it. An eyeliner resembling a marker pen will be good for the beginners. It has two huge advantages, it is both handy and easy to apply. When it comes to liquid eyeliners, these go with a very thin brush which facilitates application of a precise eye-line. Vivid colours and resistance to water are two characteristic features of gel eyeliners. When it comes to efficiency, it is provided by a cake eyeliner. Which brush to choose in order to apply eye-lines? Actually, all flat brushes which are cut at angle will pass the exam. In fact, a gel eyeliner is easy to apply thanks to a small and round brush. A pointy-ended brush is designed for applying liquid eyeliners. Unfortunately, it is hard to wield, especially for the beginners.

There are a few clever tricks that facilitate applying eye-lines. For example, beginners are advised to draw several dots that form a draft version of the final eye-line. Next, the dots have to be traced. The most comfortable technique of applying eye-lines is looking in the mirror from above. Furthermore, try not to stretch the eyelids. You can also try supporting your elbow against a table and the wrist against either a cheek or eyebrow bone. In this way, you will prevent your hand from shaking. If you would like to create the impression of bigger eyes, start applying the line from the inner corner of the eye and stretch it along the eyelash root line reaching the outer corner of the eye.

A little bit of practice.

There are two techniques of applying eye-lines. Each of them requires to put on an eyeshadow primer, a foundation and a powder first.

The first technique resembles an exercise for kids known as ‘match the dots’. Draw a few dots along eyelash root line, which indicate the way for the eyeliner. After that, simply match the dots by moving the eyeliner along the trace. Try to stretch the end of the line a little bit upwards. Thanks to this technique, you will get rid of the impression of droopy and tired eyes.

The second method depends on drawing just very tiny and thin line on the eyelid, and then retracing it by making it bold. What is more, in order to draw a perfect eye-line, you can make use of a stick, an eye pencil or any other straight item. Thanks to them, you will set the angle at which you are going to stretch the eye-line upwards. In fact, you can even use sellotape. Mind you, do not harm yourself while taking it off the face. Put the straight item near the outer corner of the eye. After that, you can draw a straight eye-line that will complete your makeup. If you want your eye-line to have a little bit more round shape, you can use a spoon as a stencil.

Remember, application of the ideal eye-line requires practice. Do not become discouraged when you fail at a few first attempts. After all, ‘practice makes perfect [eye-lines]’.