Make up

Active Cosmetics gift set

Which one of us does not like receiving presents? Active Cosmetics decided to gift us with Glamour Day Look and Glamour Night Look make-up palettes.

Set of Active Cosmetics is a big and colourful box. Inside, there are a mirror and directions on how to do day and evening make-up. These are two elements that are included into each set. Other elements differ accordingly to the purpose of the palette. To demonstrate, Glamour Day Look is composed of applicator of sponged tips, four luminous eyeshadows (shades of nut, coffee, beige and cinnamon), a bronzer, a black eye pencil, a lipgloss and a double mascara. When it comes to Glamour Night Look set, it contains a highlighting eyeshadow, three shades of grey, one black eyeshadow, an applicator ended with a sponge and a brush, a mascara, a lipgloss and a black eye pencil. Such a solution is partial since we do not have to look for an eyeshadow, a lipgloss and a mascara in our make-up bag – all cosmetic are neatly set in one place. Obviously, you can resolve the palettes into smaller parts and take only the cosmetic that you expect to use a particular day.

Active Cosmetics palette contains strongly pigmented eyeshadows. Thanks to this, eyelids are decorated with intensive and vivid colours. Eye make-up holds long on eyelids.

Doing the complete make-up is surprisingly easy. Simply follow the instructions included into the leaflet. For example, cover your eyelids and above the crease area with the brightest shade from the palette. Next, apply a darker shade on the eyelids. Inner and outer corner of the eyes should be covered with two darker shades. The same procedure has to be applied on upper and lower eyelash line. The darkest shade should be used for defining the outer corner of the eye. It is also a good idea to apply a black eyeliner to define eyes. Blend all the shades using the applicator. The last two steps – coat the eyelashes with a mascara and apply a lipstick. Your make-up to work or to evening party is now ready. Are you content with it?