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How to preserve summer tan for longer?

Indeed, suffice to look through the window to notice that autumn is here for good. Rain, fog and cloudy weather. Although the big come back of the sun is impossible at the moment, you would like to preserve summer suntan for longer. Fortunately, there are a few very easy ways to keep our skin sun-kissed in autumn.

L?Or?al brand worked out two solutions. One of them is pressed powder Glam Bronze Wild Instinct. The powder is available in three colour schemes. Their texture resembles animal marking – stripes and spots. What is more, the names of particular shades are not coincidental too. To demonstrate, bright shade 301 is named ‘Into the Wild’, middle shade 302 is called ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ and the darkest one 303 carries the name ‘Born to be Wild’. It is also worth mentioning, the producer ensures that due to the cosmetic your wild side is activated.

Bronzers will gift your face skin with pretty and radiant look – it will become highlighted and shiny thanks to opalescent particles. Additionally, complexion will get golden tone as it gains summer tan. What is more, Glam Bronze Wild Instinct Powder is closed in a handy package. In the bottom part of the package there are a mirror and an applicator that facilitates putting on the product. L?Or?al bronzers should be used as any other regular product of this kind. Remember, always flick the excess of the powder form the applicator so to obtain the most natural effect. Then, simply dab your face with the cosmetic. It is also worth realizing that bronzers should be applied only on particular face parts. These parts are forehead, nose, chin and cheekbones. You can also put the product on above the crease area of eyes. And these are the very spots that get tanned as the first ones when exposed to the sun.

The second manner of preserving the summer look is application of a self-tanning fluid – L?Or?al Glam Bronze. The product is waterproof, has light and liquid texture due to which it is easy to be distributed evenly all over the face. Furthermore, the cosmetic is able to moisturise and nourish complexion. Finally, L?Or?al Glam Bronze gifts skin with natural tan whereas golden particles highlight and add radiance to face.

The fluid is available in two shades, the brighter one is designed for blondes and the darker one for brunettes. Basically, it is suggested shaking the bottle before use. Furthermore, the dispenser facilitates distribution of even dosages of the product. You can apply the cosmetic using a sponge or just by patting it into skin using the fingertips. In order to obtain even more satisfying effect, you can combine the fluid with your favourite make-up foundation or a face cream. And this is how you make your summer tan stay with you longer.