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M Only Quad Eyeshadows by Manhattan

Both surprising and astonishing combinations of colours as well as intriguing eye-shadows palettes – You can apply colourful eye makeup thanks to M Only Quad by Manhattan.

All pretty makeup lovers will be content with the palettes launched by Manhattan. Each case contains four eyeshadows and a small applicator – with a big sponge on one tip and a wide one on the other. Unfortunately, we will not find a mirror inside the box. While talking about the box, it resembles a plastic etui closed with a magnet. It is eye-catching because of its characteristic textures resembling parts of garments.

Eyeshadow palette Square Dance, the one with black and white checked pattern (yes, like a hipster shirt) contains white, pink, grey and black eyeshadows. Bella Zipperella, with an image of a sweatshirt with a pink zip, comprises of beige, fair violet as well as fair and dark green eyeshadows. The third palette Button Baby imitates a yellow sweater decorated with big buttons. It holds two shades of fair brown and two shades of orange and beige. The lid of Jeans Teens is characterized by denim texture. The palette contains golden, grey, blue and azure shades.

Some eyeshadows contain more pigments than the others and consequently their colour is more intensive. There are also sparkling shades. These gift eyelids with interesting look as they provide long-lasting effect. In some cases the eyeshadows do not compose with each other in terms of classic colour scheme. However, it is a good way to produce intriguing eye makeup thanks to application of contrasting colours.