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Lirene City Matt foundation.

Matte complexion without mask-like effect? Natural and radiant look? Smooth skin? Yes, it is possible due to mattifying and smoothing Lirene City Matt foundation.

In the present day world perfect look is a must. Every woman wants to look pretty, natural and fresh – all at the same time. This kind of look is desired mostly by combination and oily skin type owners. Their skin requires specialistic care and finish. Such a complexion produces too excessive amounts of sebum, gets oily fairly fast and shines unattractively. Furthermore, nose, chin, forehead and sometimes even cheeks need constant touch-ups in a form of powdering. Excess of sebum can be also removed due to blotting papers or a regular paper towel. Unfortunately, such treatments are not only time-consuming but also tiresome, especially in a long run. Well, people tend to repeat the old proverb ‘no pain no gain’. However, does it have to be like that? Is there any solution for this problem?

Naturally, there is – nothing is impossible. Lirene City Matt foundation is able to matte face and additionally can smooth skin providing it with radiant and pretty look. Actually, this matte effect holds throughout entire day. The foundation absorbs excess of sebum, nourishes skin and supplies it with all necessary nourishing substances. Its composition include, among others, C and E vitamins. The first one is responsible for highlighting skin, improving firmness, stimulating collagen production, enhancing work of immune system and protecting from harmful substances. E vitamin, in turn, counteracts all ageing processes and destroys free-radicals. Furthermore, Lirene City Matt foundation gifts skin with radiance as it makes all signs of fatigue less visible.

The product is available in several shades, for example, beige, bright, toffee and tiramisu – obviously each shade has its own unique number. When it comes to the visual aspect of the package, it is fairy aesthetic. It is eye-catching due to metallic colour as well as big and easy-to-read name of the product printed in violet. The pump dispenser facilitates distribution of the cosmetic. Suffice to press the pump in order to get just the right amount of the product to be applied on face. Lirene City Matt foundation can be either pat with fingertips or smudged using a make-up sponge.