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How to camouflage dark circles under eyes?

What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? Tangled hair, sleepy and… swollen eyes! Although time is pressing, you have to look perfect to do not scare your clients and workmates off with your fatigued look. What should you do then? Luckily, there are a few effective tricks on how to hide dark circles under eyes and get rid of this fatigued expression from your face once and for all.

Why do dark circles under eyes keep reappearing?

There are plenty of reasons why our eyes look fatigued. The most popular ones are connected with stress, exhaustion, bad night sleep, hard work, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, genetic predisposition and the first signs of ageing (skin under eyes becomes flabby and looses its elasticity). What is more, dark circles under eyes may be considered as the symptoms of ailments or diseases that affect one’s body like allergies, liver or kidney disorders, shortage of K vitamin and iron as well as hormonal disorders. Under such circumstances, skin under eyes becomes either grey or purple. Additionally, so-called sagging is also easy to notice. Fairly often one can also notice swollen eyelids.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes?

Fortunately, the present-day aesthetic medicine together with cosmetology offer a few methods on how to eliminate this unattractive element of our face. For instance, beauty parlours offer treatments which aim is to restore attractive look of our skin. Mainly, these are mesotherapy (injection of healing substances), hyaluronic acid (injected into inner corners of the eyes), laser, scrubs, plastic surgeries as well as exposition to radio waves and ultrasonic waves.

Instead of undergoing the painful treatments, try to camouflage the dark circles under eyes at home. In order to hide the signs of fatigue, use a concealer that is one shade brighter than both your complexion and a foundation colour. What is more, the consistency of the product should correspond with your age. To clarify, the older you are, the more liquid concealers you should use. It is suggested to apply the concealer sparingly, covering only some small parts of face, the ones that require camouflage. Suffice to distribute three small dots under eyes in order to cover the bruisings. Yet another beauty hack is to apply an eyelid luminizer on the dark circles that tent to ruin our flawless look. It is also advised to use an under eye night cream. Such a product should moisturise, oxygenate and tauten skin. It is also suggested giving your skin short yet intensive massage while applying the cream. Simply, use your fingertips and pat the product starting from the inner corners of the eyes heading the temples. Repeat the procedure on upper eyelid as well. Actually, eye mask strips will also pass the exam. You can put cucumber slices on the fatigued area as well, or simply apply a green tea infusion. The last method for eliminating swellings and dark circles around eyes is ice-cube massage. Mind you, at the beginning, you might experience some unpleasant shivers. However, ice-cube massage boost blood circulation, makes skin more elastic, reduces swellings and rejuvenates skin.